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We're David and Scott, two dedicated crypto enthusiasts and advocates for financial self-sovereignty. With experience in the industry spanning protocol development to digital asset consulting, we recognized the gap in self-custody solutions and have set out to fill it with a new, innovative product - the Locksmith Wallet.

Our blog is dedicated to demystifying the world of self-custody in crypto. Whether you're a newbie in the crypto space or an experienced user, our content is designed to be accessible and understandable. We explain complex concepts in simple terms, keeping you informed and engaged. If you subscribe to our newsletter below, we'll also keep you updated on the latest with our wallet project.

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Let's unlock the future of self-custody.

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Scott Conner
Head of Development
Engineering leader at Amazon, Coinbase, and Protocol Labs
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David Folsom
Head of Business Development
Senior Analyst at Oliver Wyman Forum