How to Unify Your Wallets

Who Is This For?

If you're juggling multiple browser or plugin wallets, this guide is your ticket to a simpler, more secure self-custody experience.

Why Unify?

  • Less Stress: Say goodbye to managing multiple seed phrases.
  • One View: See all your assets in one place.

Step 1: Create Your Trust & Assign an Admin

If you haven't set up your Trust yet, follow these steps to get started.

After creating your Trust, we recommend designating one external wallet as your admin wallet that you won’t use for anything else. We encourage you to learn more about admin permissions before creating multiple accounts.

Step 2: Create Accounts

With your Trust in place, connect to Locksmith with your admin wallet.

1. Navigate to Trust Settings: Click the lock icon.

2. Click 'New Account'

3. Name it and hit 'Create Account'

Step 3: Add External Wallets

1. Select the Account

2. Click 'Add Account Access'.

3. Enter an external wallet address, click "Add User," and click "Confirm"

Pro-tip: If you know ahead of time which external wallet(s) you want to access the account, you could add them all at once in Step 2 by using the “Add User” button.

Step 4: Fund the account

1. Find the Account Address: Select the account in your Trust.

2. Copy the account address

3. Send ETH and ERC-20 tokens from other wallets into your newly created Locksmith account.

Note: NFTs are not supported. Check currently supported crypto assets here.

You did it! We added one account (CryptoSavings) and one external wallet to access it (0xc8cb... ACc5). Now we can connect to Locksmith with 0xc8cb... ACc5, see the .001 ETH in the shared CryptoSavings account, and withdraw it if we choose. But you can do much more. With Locksmith Accounts, you can design your own self-custody system that perfectly fits your on-chain lifestyle.

The Takeaway

Consolidating your wallets into Locksmith Accounts improves security, simplifies seed phrase management (just remember one seed phrase: the admin wallet!), and brings your assets into a single view to manage. Once you make accounts the home base for your crypto, browser wallets become your log in credentials that you can change at any time.

Use Cases to Consider:

  1. Combine mobile and desktop wallets by adding them to the same account.
  2. Replace compromised wallets easily by removing the old one and adding a new one.
  3. Experiment with new wallets without scattering your assets by simply adding them to an account.

And that's it! You're now a master of wallet consolidation with Locksmith.